Hello World!

08 Mar 2016

So what’s up with RHM, and why are we doing it?

E-mail isn’t broken. It’s still one of the best ways to communicate. How we manage our e-mail and retrieve them is. A lot of applications aim to fix this for you, but we believe the server should handle it. Applications can only do so much, and they only have so much computing power.

Random Heuristics for Mail runs on your server. Want to push something into a “Remind Me Later” folder and have it pop up in your inbox? Don’t worry about making sure your app is running to keep track if it, let the server handle it for you. SPAM filtering, rules, and organization tools will all be made available at a later date. We’ll add more features as we see fit.

For now, we’re just drafting out our thoughts and trying to get a basic mail server up and running. When we’re finished, we hope you’ll like what you see.